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Faulty Faucet? Fix It Fast.

Schedule a sink faucet repair in Amber, Chickasha or Moore, OK

If your faucet has a loose handle, a leak or a faulty drain stopper, call Davidson Plumbing of Amber & Chickasha, OK  for sink faucet repair work. Ignoring a leak could cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted water, so don't wait.

Sink faucet repair usually involves taking the fixture apart and replacing damaged or missing pieces. It's a simple, cost-effective solution for minor faucet damage.

Signs you need a faucet replacement

How can you tell it's time for a full faucet replacement? Talk to a plumber if your faucet...

  • Shows signs of rusting: Rust around your faucet's base is a sure sign that the fixture is beyond repair.
  • Won't stop leaking: For persistent leaks, it's often more effective to replace the faucet than continue repairing it.
  • Doesn't fit with your décor: Sometimes the only problem with a faucet is that it's unattractive or looks out-of-place.

Call 405-816-5397 today to schedule a faucet replacement appointment in the Amber & Chickasha, OK  area.