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Collapsed Drain Line?

Look into a sewer line replacement in the Amber, Chickasha or Moore, OK area

Do clogs keep coming back, no matter what you do? You might need a sewer line replacement. Tree roots can damage the line that carries water from your home to the sewer main. This line isn't city property. It's yours. Luckily, Davidson Plumbing offers sewer line replacement services in Amber & Chickasha, OK  and the surrounding area.

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See why your drain is always clogged

Over the years, the drain pipe that transports wastewater from your drains to the sewer line can collapse or rust. If that happens, trust Davidson Plumbing to replace it for you. Contact us for a drain pipe installation if you have...

  • Older plumbing: The older your home is, the more likely it is you'll need to replace old drain pipes.
  • Cast iron pipes: Rusted iron pipes slow water flow, creating drainage problems in your home.
  • Lead pipes: Lead piping presents serious public health risks. Don't let your drain line lace your wastewater with lead.

Find out if you need a new drain pipe installation by calling our Amber & Chickasha, OK office today.